Price List

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We will be increasing some of our prices Dec. 1 2019. Thank you for your understanding.

This list is only a guide, as there are many style and feature variations within any category.

Prices do not include the cost of materials (zippers, fabric, etc.), sales tax if applicable, or shipping and insurance.

If you don’t see a price for what you have in mind, please check the FAQs or email me.

Policies and guidelines:

  • All clothing must be clean: Washed and unworn. This means freshly laundered.
  • All gear must be reasonably clean: no grit, sand, dirt, old socks, dust bunnies, granola bar wrappers, pine needles, or the like. I will assess a cleaning fee if your gear pours dirt, sand, or grit on my sewing machines. If your gear is crusty with salt, hose it off.
  • Exceptions are items that are so damaged that washing will damage them further, but you must discuss it with me first
  • No rush orders.
  • Shipping charges run $12 to $15 for most items and $15 to $20 for large packs and tents; this includes replacement value insurance.
  • All prices are estimates; work may vary due to construction and materials.
  • Materials may be extra.
  • Shop rate is $60/hour.

See FAQ and Policies for additional information
Questions or quotes? Contact Penny