Taking Measurements For a Custom Garment
Many many thanks to Meryl the Dressmaker, of Hilo, Hawaii for her generous permission to use her images.
Basic Instructions:
• use a cloth or vinyl tape measure, not metal
• when measuring, tape should be snug and close to body, but not loose either.
• take measurements over your underwear unless instructed otherwise
• It works much better if you have a helper
• If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string, mark off measurements and use a carpenters rule for numbers. This is the last resort method. A tape measure is about 99¢ at the fabric store.
• I may ask for additional measurements depending on what I’m making

frontmeasure• B Front chest width: from armpit fold to armpit fold. Note how far down from the hollow at the base of the neck the measurement is taken.
• C Bicep circumference: measure around biggest part
• E Waist: To find your natural waist line: tie a piece of elastic around your waist. Do a side bend in either direction. The elastic should naturally rest on the natural waist line for men and women. If you like to wear your pants below or above your natural waistline ( i.e., off the hips or below the belly) you must let me know. If you are not accustomed to wearing pants at your natural waist, where the elastic sits may feel kind of funny to you.



backmeasure• F Measure sleeve length from C7 vertabra (the bone that sticks out at the base of the next) to the wrist bone
• G Back width: from armpit fold to armpit fold please note how far down from C7 this is
• H Back-waist: from C7 to your waist as marked by elastic
• J Hips: widest part
• K Outseam: natural waist to desired hem length
• L Forearm circumference, use widest part of muscle below the elbow




measureside• N Chest Circumference: over nipples, and around, tape parallel to floor.
• O Sleeve length #2 from edge of shoulder to desired length. If this is for active wear, be sure to reach.
• P Crotch Length: measure from waist center front to waist center back, tape snug but not tight.






frontmeasure2• T waist to hem length







miscmeasure• S Crotch Depth: sitting on a flat surface, measure from waist to surface.
• Y Torso length: around from the top of the shoulder, through the crotch and back up
• Z Shoulder width 1:C5 vertabra on neck to edge of shoulder (feel for the bone)
• AA Shoulder width 2: base of neck (where it meets the shoulder)to edge of shoulder ( feel for the bone)