EV 6

Journey by bike 2023 Stay tuned. Newest entries on top.

Here is the route: the Atlantic coast, up the Loire, through the mountains, down the Danube
Eurovelo 6 Route

More photos on IG https://www.instagram.com/geargrrl

May 5 2023

It has been mostly travel mayhem plus a day at the Louvre. Today we were supposed to take a train out to the coast to start our ride but that was an all day fiasco at the train station ending with a full refund. Only certain trains take fully assembled bikes and the app sold us the wrong tickets. So plan B is to take a different train to the south of Paris and start our ride from the end of the line. First stop will be Chartres. We’ll work our way to Nantes and pick up the EV 6 there. Most photos will be on Instagram but here are a few.


April 27 2023

First off made a bunch of bike bags. You can read Bike Bag Binge on my blog if you want.

Test pack. See the blog entry Bike bag binge for more on the bags.

Craig found “Roland and Julianna Ride the Heart of Europe” on YT. It’s easy to see myself doing this now. We’ll be riding this section in reverse: